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University of Lille 1

To go to Université Lille 1 coming from Lille, you must take the Métro (subway) line 1 (the yellow one), bound for "Quatre Cantons", and stop at "Cité Scientifique", which is the second to last station.

  • From Lille Flandres or Rihour subway station, it is a direct trip.
  • From Lille Europe train station, you must take line 2 (red line) to Lille Flandres (one stop) and then you commute to line 1 (see above). You can also walk from Lille Europe to Lille Flandres station (the two train stations are about 500 meters apart, see Lille directions).

Here is a pdf map of Lille 1 campus.

Here is an aerial view with all the important places. Click on the picture to get the pdf version.

  • The subway station "Cité Scientifique" (the second to last on the line) is where you should stop coming from Lille.
  • CERLA (Centre d'Etudes et Recherches Lasers et Applications) is where we organize an advance registration and offer a drink on Monday, May 31, from 16:30 to 19:30.
  • MACC's is the conference center where ECC11 will be held
  • Ascotel is the hotel next to the conference center where a number of participants have made a reservation.
  • A number of participants have reserved rooms in the student halls just behind MACC's conference center and Ascotel hotel. To check in, proceed to building O.
  • For participants lodged in student rooms, breakfast will be served at Maison des Etudiants (MDE).
  • There will be a few computers in the conference center. More computers will be available in the multimedia center in Sup building. Please wear your badge to enter.

How to access the University by road

Going to CERLA and MACC'S conference center

The conference center is just a few hundred meters away from subway station "Cité Scientifique". When you go out of "Cité Scientifique" subway station,

you can go left to CERLA for the advance registration on May 31, from 16:30 to 19:30 (red) or to Ascotel and MACC's conference center (green), taking a shortcut:

Here is what the entrance to CERLA (a.k.a. the "Camembert wooden box") looks like...

Here is the start of the green path starting in front of the station. This shortcut

will take you to this road. Follow it turning left :

And you will shortly arrive at Ascotel hotel (left) and MACC's conference center (right).

Here is a Google map for you to experiment, showing (A) subway station, (B) Ascotel hotel and MACC's conference center. Google does not know about the shortcut.

Student rooms

The student halls are located behind Ascotel hotel (click to get the pdf file). The reception office is located at the lower corner of building M and is open from 07:00 to 20:30 on weekdays. After 20:30 and on week-ends, you can get the keys from a night watchman who is located inside the main entrance hall of building M. He is constantly there, except perhaps temporarily during rounds. Knock on the main entrance door to indicate your presence and be allowed inside.