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Elastocapillary Instability in Mitochondrial Fission

D. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, S. Sart, A., D. Tareste, A. I. Barakat, C. Clanet, and J. Husson

Physical Review Letters 115, 088102 (2015) [Accès à la revue]

Mitochondria constantly undergo fission and fusion events. These dynamical processes regulate mitochondrial morphology and are essential for cell physiology. We propose an elastocapillary mechanical instability as a mechanism for mitochondrial fission. We induce mitochondrial fission by rupturing the cell’s plasma membrane with a micropipette. We present a stability analysis that successfully explains the observed fission wavelength and the role of mitochondrial morphology in the occurrence of fission events.

Thème : Mécanique cellulaire

Equipe : Génie Cellulaire et Cardiovasculaire (LadHyX)