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12th Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference 16/05/2012

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

16 Mai - 19 Mai 2012


Organisateurs : Stefano Bocaletti (U. Politecnica de Madrid, Spain), Victoria Booth (U. of Michigan, USA), Bruce Gluckman (Penn State U., USA), Celso Grebogi (U. of Aberdeen, UK), Jurgen Kurths (U. Potsdam, Germany), Marc Lefranc (U. Lille 1, France), Lou M. Pecora (Naval Research Laboratory, USA), Michal Zochowski (U. of Michigan, USA).

The intent of the meeting to bring together the best people doing new work in EXPERIMENTAL nonlinear dynamics (chaotic or not), to talk especially about experimental work, and report on new solutions and discoveries of fundamental problems in many fields of science and technology that would not have been possible without nonlinear dynamics. Theoretical approaches are most welcome when they explain observations, suggest new experiments or provide new methods for analyzing data.



Organisation topologique d'un attracteur spirale (plus de détails...)

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