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Mechanical Criterion for the Rupture of a Cell Membrane under Compression

D. Gonzalez-Rodriguez,L. Guillou, F. Cornat, J. Lafaurie-Janvore, A. Babataheri, E. de Langre, A. I. Barakat, and J. Husson

Biophysical Journal 111, 2711-2721 (2016) [Accès à la revue]

Abstract: We investigate the mechanical conditions leading to the rupture of the plasma membrane of an endothelial cell subjected to a local, compressive force. Membrane rupture is induced by tilted microindentation, a technique used to perform mechanical measurements on adherent cells. In this technique, the applied force can be deduced from the measured horizontal displacement of a microindenter’s tip, as imaged with an inverted microscope and without the need for optical sensors to measure the microindenter’s deflection. We show that plasma membrane rupture of endothelial cells occurs at a well-defined value of the applied compressive stress. As a point of reference, we use numerical simulations to estimate the magnitude of the compressive stresses exerted on endothelial cells during the deployment of a stent.

Thème : Thème 2007-2010 : Mécanique cellulaire

Equipe : Génie Cellulaire et Cardiovasculaire (LadHyX)