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Auteur(s) Titre Revue Année
C.M. Bidan et al. Magneto-active substrates for local mechanical stimulation of living cells Scientific Reports 2018
Priya Gambhire et al. High Aspect Ratio Sub-Micrometer Channels Using Wet Etching: Application to the Dynamics of Red Blood Cell Transiting through Biomimetic Splenic Slits SMALL 2017
A. Sawicka et al. Micropipette force probe to quantify single-cell force generation: application to T-cell activation Molecular Biology of the Cell 2017
M. Simunovic et al. Friction Mediates Scission of Tubular Membranes Scaffolded by BAR Proteins Cell 2017
M.A. Breau et al. Extrinsic mechanical forces mediate retrograde axon extension in a developing neuronal circuit Nature Communications 2017
B. Lannoo et al. Heterodimer Autorepression Loop: A Robust and Flexible Pulse-Generating Genetic Module Physical Review Letters 2016
A. Woller et al. A Mathematical Model of the Liver Circadian Clock Linking Feeding and Fasting Cycles to Clock Function Cell Reports 2016
L. Guillou et al. T-lymphocyte passive deformation is controlled by unfolding of membrane surface reservoirs Molecular Biology of the Cell 2016
D. Gonzalez-Rodriguez et al. Mechanical Criterion for the Rupture of a Cell Membrane under Compression Biophysical Journal 2016
L. Guillou et al. Dynamic monitoring of cell mechanical properties using profile microindentation Scientific Reports 2016
R. Basu et al. Cytotoxic T Cells Use Mechanical Force to Potentiate Target Cell Killing Cell 2016
S. Tlili et al. Colloquium: Mechanical formalisms for tissue dynamics Eur. Phys. J. E 2015
B. Guirao et al. Unified quantitative characterization of epithelial tissue development eLife 2015
D. Gonzalez-Rodriguez et al. Elastocapillary Instability in Mitochondrial Fission Physical Review Letters 2015
B. Hogan et al. Characterizing Cell Adhesion by Using Micropipette Aspiration Biophysical Journal 2015
A. Ibrahim et al. Label-free microscopy and stress responses reveal the functional organization of Pseudodiaptomus marinus copepod myofibrils Journal of Structural Biology 2015
B. Vandenbunder et al. PRC1 Components Exhibit Different Binding Kinetics in Polycomb Bodies Biology of the Cell 2014
K. Carvalho et al. Cell sized liposomes reveal how acto-myosin cortical tension drives shape change PNAS 2013
J? Dupire et al. Full dynamics of red blood cells in shear flow PNAS 2012
Leal-Egaña A et al. Tuning liver stiffness against tumours: an in vitro study using entrapped cells in tumour-like microcapsules. J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater. 2012
A. Ducret et al. Wet-surface-enhanced ellipsometric contrast microscopy identifies slime as a major adhesion factor during bacterial surface motility PNAS 2012
M. Versaevel et al. Spatial coordination between cell and nuclear shape within micropatterned endothelial cells. Nature Communications 2012
A. Jégou et al. Individual Actin Filaments in a Microfluidic Flow Reveal the Mechanism of ATP Hydrolysis and Give Insight Into the Properties of Profilin PLoS Biology 2011
Z-H. Huang et al. Sedimentation of vesicles: from pear-like shapes to microtether extrusion New Journal of Physics 2011
M. Manghi C. Tardin J. Baglio P. Rousseau L. Salomé N. Destainville Probing DNA conformational changes with high temporal resolution by tethered particle motion Physical Biology 2010
Q. Thommen et al. Robustness of Circadian Clocks to Daylight Fluctuations: Hints from the Picoeucaryote Ostreococcus tauri PLoS Computational Biology 2010
J. Fouchard D. Mitrossilis A. Asnacios Acto-myosin based response to stiffness and rigidity sensing Cell Adhesion and Migration 2010
D. Mitrossilis J. Fouchard D. Pereira F. Postic A. Richert M. Saint-Jean A. Asnacios Real-time single-cell response to stiffness PNAS 2010
K. Guevorkian et al. Aspiration of Biological Viscoelastic Drops Phys. Rev. Lett. 2010
Jules Dupire et al. Chaotic Dynamics of Red Blood Cells in a Sinusoidal Flow Physical Review Letters 2010
D. Mitrossilis J. Fouchard A. Guiroy N. Desprat N. Rodriguez B. Fabry A. Asnacios Single-cell response to stiffness exhibits muscle-like behavior PNAS 2009
S. Féréol et al. Prestress and adhesion site dynamics control cell sensitivity to extracellular stiffness Biophysical Journal 2009
O. Ali et al. Excitable waves at the margin of the contact area between a cell and a substrate Physical Biology 2009
P.-E. Morant et al. Oscillations in the Expression of a Self-Repressed Gene Induced by a Slow Transcriptional Dynamics Physical Review Letters 2009
F. Cleri Microscopic mechanics of biomolecules in living cells Scientific Modeling and Simulations 2008
P. Sens et al. Biophysical approaches to protein-induced membrane deformations in trafficking Current Opinion in Cell Biology 2008
Terenna CR et al. Physical mechanisms redirecting cell polarity and cell shape in fission yeast Current Biology 2008
M. Abkarian and A. Viallat Vesicles and red blood cells in shear flow Soft Matter 2008