Fluctuations in regulary networks

IRI Villeneuve d'Ascq, du 12 au 13 mai 2009

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For a long time, the importance of fluctuations in biological systems has been recognized from studies of population dynamics, from the analysis of physiological signals (heartbeats, electrical activity of neurons…), or from structural and functional studies of proteins and nucleic acids. The recent development of techniques allowing the description of molecular events in single living cells makes possible the study of fluctuations in regulatory networks, in relationship with evolutionary biology.

During this workshop, we intend to explore the following questions:

The interplay between computational and experimental approaches, between in vivo and in vitro studies will be emphasized.

General talks will summarize the state of the field and outline the outstanding problems not only for specialists in the field, but also for those outside the field who wish to learn more about it. Ample time for discussing the questions of the participants will be allowed.

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organisateurs Arndt Benecke IRI, Lille Ralf Blossey IRI, Lille Laurent Héliot IRI, Lille Christophe Lavelle IRI, Lille Marc Lefranc PhLAM, Lille Irina Mihalcescu UJF, Grenoble Bernard Vandenbunder IRI, Lille

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