Department of Physics and The Jack and Pearl Resnick Institute for Advanced Technology, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel 52900


Michael Rosenbluh is an experimentalist intrigued by light. He has a group of graduate students working on the interaction of light with matter on the atomic, molecular and nanostructure scales as well as experiments dealing with the sometimes coherent and sometimes chaotic properties of the light sources he uses.

Generating truly random bits at high rates with chaotic lasers

We report on the design and performance of a true random bit generator operating at rates as high as 300 Gbits/s. The generator is based on a chaotic diode laser and a simple algorithm for processing the data stream generated by the chaotic intensity fluctuations of the laser intensity. The physical setup can, in principle, be miniaturized and lead to "chip scale" random bit generators at near THz rates.