The conference will open on Tuesday June 1 at 09:00 (registration desk will open earlier, possibly on previous day). It will close on Friday, June 4 at 15:00, after a conference by Professor Otto Rössler, who is our honored guest on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

The list of contributions is available, as well as the schedule.

Invited talks

Click on title for abstract and a short introduction of the speaker.

Henry D.I. ABARBANEL Using experimental data to estimate the states of models of neural circuits
Steven M. ANLAGE Wave/Quantum Chaos: universal properties and practical applications
Arezki BOUDAOUD Chaos and turbulence in vibrating plates
Syamal Kumar DANA Design of coupling for targeting synchronization in chaotic electronic circuits
François DAVIAUD VKS experiment: a chaotic turbulent dynamo?
Flavio FENTON From bifurcations and spiral waves to chaos: The many dynamics of cardiac tissue
Petra FRIEDERICHS Extreme weather and probabilistic forecast approaches
Jean-Claude GARREAU Quantum simulators: studying the Anderson model with a quantum-chaotic system
Emmanuelle GOUILLART Topological entanglement and transport barriers in the chaotic mixing of fluids
Jeff HASTY Engineered genetic oscillations
Shlomo HAVLIN How does El-Nino influence the dynamics of climate network in their basin, and around the globe?
Holger KANTZ Predictability and prediction of extreme events
Rassul KARABALIN Advances with nonlinear nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS)
Robert KUSZELEWICZ Steady and pulsed laser cavity solitons in semiconductor microcavities
Christophe LETELLIER How and why the analysis of a dynamics can depend on the choice of the observable
Theoden NETOFF How do antiepileptic drugs and epileptogenic mutations change cell and network dynamics?
Adam PERKINS Forecasting and pattern control in Rayleigh-Benard convection
M. Carmen ROMANO Dynamics of translation: modelling the synthesis of proteins
Michael ROSENBLUH Generating truly random bits at high rates with chaotic lasers
Otto E. RÖSSLER Time's arrow and Hubble's law from the reduced three-body problem with/without sign flip
Nick TUFILLARO Nonlinear network analysis of electronic systems: theory and practice
Tamàs VICSEK Network dynamics in collective motion