List of Contributions

There are 122 contributions in total. Contributions are listed by order of submissions.

Oral presentations (37)

Laurent Larger Temporally nonlocal electro-optic phase dynamics for 10 Gb/s chaos communications
Nicolas Mordant Is the wave turbulence observed in elastic plates related to "weak turbulence"?
David Walker Transition dynamics of structural motifs in a granular contact network
Erik Steur Synchronization of time-delayed diffusively coupled systems: an experimental case study with Hindmarsh-Rose oscillators
Philippe Brunet Complex flows inside drops under acoustical and mechanical vibrations
Dharmapuri V. Senthilkumar Synchronization transitions in coupled time-delay electronic circuits
Mikhail Lebyodkin Experimental study of dislocation avalanches during unstable plastic deformation
Vanesa Magar Spectral analysis of interannual bed level variations at a beach in Duck, North Carolina, USA
Michael Small Characterising time series dynamics with complex networks
Maxime Mikikian Nonlinear dusty plasma instabilities
Stéphane Dorbolo Bouncing trimer, bouncing droplet: bouncing modes
Florence Haudin Front dynamics in periodic modulated media
Frederic Rachford Acoustic target identification with chaos based waveforms
Linda Sommerlade Consequences of violated simultaneity on the concept of causality
Miguel Lopez Kinematic dynamo threshold in time dependent velocity fields
Irene Sendina-Nadal Dynamical overlap of protein interaction networks: a method to predict protein functions
Bhargava Ravoori Adaptive synchronization of a network of chaotic oscillators
Yoshito Hirata Chaos may facilitate decision making in the brain
Francois Schmitt Arbitrary order Hilbert spectral analysis : a new tool to analyze the scaling complexity of time series, application to turbulence data
François Mauger Strong field double ionization: insights from nonlinear dynamics
Itzhack Dana Quantum-resonance ratchets: experimental realizations and prediction of stronger effects
Michal Zochowski Dynamics and augmentation patterns in adaptive networks
Harunori Yoshikawa Pattern formation of buble periodically emerging at a liquid free surface
Nicolas PLIHON Large scale fluctuations and dynamics of the Bullard - von Karman dynamo
Axelle Amon Droplet traffic at a junction: dynamics of path selection
Inmaculada Leyva Complex networks in the evaluation of brain injury therapy
Daniel Cross Biological algorithm for data reconstruction
Daniel Gauthier Observation of chaos in small networks of Boolean-like logic circuits
Luc Pastur Reduction of the complexity of an open cavity air-flow by catching the spatial flow organization within a few dynamical modes
David Cebron Tidal instability in exoplanetary systems
Igor Schreiber Time series analysis of an pH oscillatory chemical reaction
Marco Thiel Dynamics of the interactions between the cell cycle and stress responses in yeasts
Benjamin Pfeuty Robustness of circadian clocks to daylight fluctuations: hints from an unicellular alga
Eric Louvergneaux Rare and extreme events in temporal and spatial optical systems
Madineh Sarvestani Non-linear Kalman filtering techniques for estimation and prediction of rat sleep dynamics
Olivier Thomas Modal interactions in thin structures: some experiments on non-linear vibrations of spherical shells and percussion musical instruments
Christophe Letellier Otto Rössler 1975-76

Poster presentations (85)

Ricardo Egydio de Carvalho Plasma confinement in tokamaks with robust torus
María Teresa Rodriguez Sahagun Image encryption based on trigonometric chaotic maps for secure communications
Didier Lopez-Mancilla Comparative statistical analysis of encrypting methods using discrete chaotic systems in imaging transmission
Fereydoon Family Physics of age-related macular degeneration
JUAN-HUGO GARCIA-LOPEZ High frequency open loop control of a nonlinear oscillator like a Nd:YVO4 Q-switched laser
Prodyot Kumar Roy Design of OPCL coupling for arbitrary lag synchronization in chaotic oscillators
Vasily Spirin Experimental investigation of chaotic oscillations in DFB and FP semiconductor lasers with strong incoherent optical feedback
Ammar Natsheh Experimental study of chaos in parallel-connected DC-DC boost converter with mutually-coupled output filter-inductors
Maxime Jacquot Feedback bandpass filter effects in the dynamics of an optoelectronic wavelength nonlinear delay system
Yanne Chembo Experimental evidence of microwave envelope chaos using an integro-differential optoelectronic system
Masanori Shiro Violin sounds are chaotic
Ned Corron A matched filter for chaos: the missing piece for chaos communications
Celine Durniak Experimental studies of defect dynamics in complex (dusty) plasmas
Alexander Ezersky Pattern formation on sandy bottom: front propagation into sand ripples under the action of regular surface waves
Odysseus Tsakiridis Single-ended chaotic Colpitts oscillator with active load
Marzena Ciszak Synchronization and mixed mode oscillations in a network of coupled light emitting diodes
Stephen O'Brien Bursting dynamics in a two-mode semiconductor laser with optical injection: experimental results and theoretical analysis
Abdulahi N. Njah Modified extended active control for tracking control and synchronization of chaotic and hyperchaotic systems
Dan-Gheorghe Dimitriu Experimental transition to chaos in low-temperature plasma
Tom Carroll Detecting recursive and non recursive filters using chaos
Riccardo Meucci Synchronization of uncoupled excitable sytems induced by white and coloured noise
Elbert Macau Interaction of a bouncing ball with a sinusoidally vibrating table
Benjamin Quiroz Martinez Hyperbolic extremes and species dynamics in polychaete populations
Jean-Philippe Laval Stability analysis of turbulent boundary layer flows with adverse pressure gradient
Blaz Krese Influence of pulse power to dynamics of laser droplet generation
Javier Burguete Instabilities of conducting fluid flows in cylindrical shells under external forcing
Adam Cohen The stability of adaptive synchronization of chaotic systems
Guillermo Savino Nontrivial effects of noise in excitable electronic circuits
Sofiane Ramdani Exploring the dynamics of postural sway in humans using recurrence quantification analysis
Roberto R. Deza Experiments in noise-enhanced propagation and related phenomena: fault-tolerant behavior and other properties
Luis Coria Chaotic oscillator from a PMSM model using DS
Jean-Marc Ginoux The "lost" first international conference on nonlinear science
Guillaume Attuel Statistical monitoring of atrial fibrillation?
Deb Kane Hybrid chaos based communication system - a chaotically masked electronic message transduced to an optical carrier for transmission
Bruno Rossetto Analyzing a complex system
Juan Carlos Martin Identification of multiple folding mechanisms of chaos generation by topological analysis applied to a highly dissipative system
Aloys Sipers On the unique reconstruction of a signal from its recurrence plot
Robert Gilmore Embeddings with symmetry
Pierre Suret Influence of Bragg-gratings-induced third-order dispersion on the optical power spectrum of Raman fiber lasers
Stephane Randoux Anomalous thermalization of nonlinear wave systems
Martin Kohout Pattern formation and chaotic dynamics in a three-way catalytic reactor with cross-flow
Gautier Verhille Soft iron impellers: induction mechanism and dynamo
Martin Diestelhorst Supercritical and subcritical period doubling bifurcations - influence of near-resonant and resonant perturbations
David Carlo Almeida Barbato Autocorrelation measure independent of the mean and its outcomes
Stanislaw Jankowski Modeling of volcanomagnetic dynamics by recurrent orthogonal least-squares learning systems
Renato Fanganiello Conditions for the synchronization of bandlimited discrete-time chaotic systems
Feifang Chung Collective motion of spherical particles induced by horizontal vibration
Serge Bielawski A new experimental probe for investigating the spatiotemporal dynamics of relativistic electrons in storage rings
Paul Dely Direct observation of spontaneous veins formation and thickness oscillations in Physarum polycephalum
Nicolas Joly Pulse splitting effects in short wavelength seeded free-electron lasers
Andrej Jeromen Detachment regimes in laser droplet generation
Mark Pinsky Numerical design of robust estimators for box-photochemistry system
Simon Pinsky Application of delay-observer design to forecast of irregular time-series
Lucas Illing The scaling behavior of oscillations arising in delay-coupled optoelectronic devices
Dalila Amroun-Aliane Pleating tori, a way to bifurcate toward chaos in a spatio-temporal laser
Louis Pecora Regularization of tunneling rates with quantum chaos
Emilson R. Viana Jr High resolution parameter spaces for an experimental chaotic circuit
István Z. Kiss Synchrony and precision of chaotic electrochemical oscillators: effects of temperature and coupling
Gregory Yablonsky Coincidences in chemical kinetics
Evgeny Mironov Structural heterogeneity of detonation diamond-containing material
Omar Suarez Pattern formation in a magnetic nanowire at fixed temperature
David Laroze Convection in a binary ferrofluid
Claudia Lainscsek Automatic classification of sleep stages from one EEG measurement using nonlinear DDEs
Alberto Tufaile Chaos in foams with grains
Adriana Tufaile Foams, hyperbolic kaleidoscopes, and chaotic scattering
Safwan El Assad A fast and robust chaos-based cryptosystem for transmitted data
Jorge Carballido Pattern formation under interacting Turing-Hopf instability
Reason Machete Regional predictability variations
Richard Martin Observation of Hamiltonian phase space structure in geospace plasmas
Sylvain Joubaud Airflow caused by a ball impacting on soft sand
Dmitry Samsonov Nonlinear effects in complex plasmas
Felipe Pereira A model for bubbling dynamics
George Rutherford Experimental results and a few surprises from the Malkus waterwheel
Nathalie Corson Synchronization phenomena in networks of neuron models
Tomasz Kardas Nonlinear dynamics of extended cavity Ti:sapphire modelocked oscillator
Lenka Schreiberova Complex dynamics in mass-coupled flow-through chemical reactors with a pH-oscillatory reaction
Timothy Jones Connecting curves for dynamical systems
David Becerra-Alonso Chaotic synchronization between Malkus' waterwheel and the Lorenz system
Jose Benjamin Mercado Sanchez Synchronization analysis in complex networks with identical structural parameters
Christian Wallinger Time-of-flight estimation using synchronized chaotic systems
Arnaud Prigent Modulated waves in the Couette-Taylor system submitted to a high radial temperature gradient
Pavel Pokorny Elastic pendulum
Elise Roulin Non-linearity detection by the noise titration technique : another tool dependent on the choice of the observable
Vladislav Aleshin Penetration of sound into rough marine sediments: numerical analysis and statistics
Jingkui Wang Oscillations in the expression of a self-repressed gene: interaction of a transport delay with transcriptional response