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Nonlinear phenomena in dispersive equations 22/05/2018


22 Mai - 25 Mai 2018

Organisateurs : Vianney Combet, Andre de Laire, Sahbi Keraani

The study of dispersive equations is a major research topic for the analysis of nonlinear PDEs. The main challenge is the understanding of the mechanisms that govern the evolution of solutions of nonlinear equations arising in physics. The questions are multiple and the techniques and methods that are used are ...

Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference 4/06/2018


4 Juin - 7 Juin 2018

Organisateurs : Irene Sendina-Nadal and Regino Criado (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)

After Crystal City, Edinburgh, Boca Raton, Orlando, Potsdam, San Diego, Florence, Sao José dos Campos, Catania, Lille, Ann Arbor, Aberdeen, and Banff, the 15th edition of the Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference will be held in Madrid, Spain, on June 4-7, 2018, organized by the Rey Juan Carlos University. ...

Wave Turbulence and Extreme Events 18/06/2018

CISM in Udine (Italy)

18 Juin - 22 Juin 2018

Organisateurs : Sergio Chibbaro (Sorbonne Université, UPMC, France) and Miguel Onorato (University of Turin, Italy)

This summer school on "Wave Turbulence and Extreme Events" is intended for PhD students, post-docs and researchers who are willing to familiarize with the topic of nonlinear waves and turbulence. The deadline for applications is the 18th of May 2018. G. Falkovich, C. Josserand, S. Nazarenko, D. Proment and P. ...

International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2018) 5/08/2018

Maui, Hawaii (USA)

5 Août - 9 Août 2018

Organisateurs : Visarath In, Antonio Palacios, Patrick Longhini, Michael F. Shlesinger, Adi Bulsara, Ned J. Corron

This international conference brought together researchers from physics, engineering, biology, and chemistry who were involved in the analysis and development of applications that incorporate and, indeed, exploit the nonlinear behavior of certain dynamical systems.

Dynamics Days Europe 3/09/2018

Loughborough University

3 Septembre - 7 Septembre 2018

Organisateurs : Wael Bahsoun (Conference Chair)

Dynamics Days Europe is a series of annual international conferences founded in the 1980s that provides a European forum for developments in the theory and applications of nonlinear dynamics. For over thirty years it has been bringing together researchers from a wide range of mathematical backgrounds for interdisciplinary research in ...



Instabilité d'un tourbillon stratifié incliné (plus de détails...)

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Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference, Madrid, 4 Juin 2018

International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2018), Maui, Hawaii (USA), 5 Août 2018

Dynamics Days Europe, Loughborough University, 3 Septembre 2018

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