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SIAM Conference on applications of Dynamical Systems 21/05/2017

Snowbird, Utah

21 Mai - 25 Mai 2017

Organisateurs : Evelyn Sander, George Mason University, USA; Martin Wechselberger, University of Sydney, Australia

Mots-clés : Dynamical Systems

The application of dynamical systems theory to areas outside of mathematics continues to be a vibrant, exciting and fruitful endeavor. These application areas are diverse and multidisciplinary, covering areas of applied science and engineering that include biology, chemistry, physics, finance, industrial mathematics and more. This conference strives to amass a ...

The 10th CHAOS 2017 International Conference 30/05/2017

Barcelona, Spain

30 Mai - 2 Juin 2017

The principal aim of Chaos2017 International Conference is to expand the development of the theories of the applied nonlinear field, the methods, empirical data and computer techniques as well as the best theoretical achievements of chaotic theory. Chaos2017 Conference provides a forum for bringing together the various groups working in ...

2nd IMA Conference on Nonlinearity and Coherent Structures 19/06/2017

University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

19 Juin - 21 Juin 2017

Organisateurs : Dr. Emilian Părău – (University of East Anglia) – Chair Professor Paul Milewski (University of Bath) – Deputy Chair Professor Peter Clarkson (University of Kent) Professor Thanasis Fokas (University of Cambridge) Professor Demetrios Papageorgiou (Imperial College London) Professor Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck (University College London)

Mots-clés : Integrable systems Nonlinear waves in fluids, Soliton theory, Nonlinear evolution PDEs

The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers working on aspects of nonlinear phenomena and to encourage interaction between experts from different areas such as Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Engineering and Physics. Recent theoretical developments, new computational methods and experimental findings will be presented and discussed. ...

The 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (ENOC 2017) 25/06/2017

Budapest, Hungary

25 Juin - 30 Juin 2017

Organisateurs : Gábor Stépán, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The 23rd International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications - ICDEA 2017 24/07/2017

West University of Timisoara, Romania

24 Juillet - 28 Juillet 2017

Organisateurs : Chair of the Scientific Committee: Saber Elaydi (Trinity University, USA) Chair of the Organizing Committee: Adina Luminita Sasu (West University of Timisoara, Romania)

Mots-clés : Difference Equations, Discrete Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Biology, Discrete Chaos, Stability and Bifurcation Theory

The 23rd International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications - ICDEA 2017 will be held at West University of Timisoara, Romania, under the auspices of the International Society of Difference Equations (see ). The conference aims to bring together researchers and scientists from around the world, to present, discuss ...

Complex Motion in Fluids 2017 24/09/2017

University of Cambridge

24 Septembre - 29 Septembre 2017

Organisateurs : Eric Lauga (Cambridge), Maciej Lisicki (Cambridge/Warsaw)

The school will consist of 16 lectures in total, given by 8 speakers (90'+60' each), contributed talks, poster sessions and other activities.



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2nd IMA Conference on Nonlinearity and Coherent Structures, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, 19 Juin 2017

The 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (ENOC 2017), Budapest, Hungary, 25 Juin 2017

Complex Motion in Fluids 2017, University of Cambridge, 24 Septembre 2017

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