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Spring School on Wave Turbulence 24/05/2020

Les Houches

24 Mai - 29 Mai 2020

Organisateurs : Nicolas Mordant, Laure Saint-Raymond, Pierre-Philippe Cortet

Wave Turbulence aims at describing the statistical state of assemblies of large numbers of non-linear waves, in systems such as elastic waves in plates, optical waves, surface water waves, bulk waves in conductive, rotating, and/or stratified fluids. In the weakly nonlinear limit, Wave (or Weak) Turbulence Theory uses classical tools ...

Chaos, Complexity and Transport( CCT20) and Nonlinear Science and Complexity (NSC20) 25/05/2020

Marseille, France

25 Mai - 29 Mai 2020

Organisateurs : Christophe Josserand, Xavier Leoncini and Simon Villain-Guillot

The scope of the conference is to discuss shared phenomena in nonlinear dynamics related to chaos, transport and complexity. A strong emphasis will be put on the interdisciplinary character of the conference. In the spirit of its interdisciplinary character, we encourage contributions from the following fields: Chaos, Nonlinear Physics, Transport, ...

International meeting in the honor of YVES COUDER 2/06/2020

Paris, France

2 Juin - 5 Juin 2020

Organisateurs : M. Ben Amar (ENS-PSL*, Physics Dept), F. Petrelis (ENS-PSL*, Physics Dept), M. Labousse (ESPCI-PSL*, Gulliver), A. Eddi (ESPCI-PSL*, PMMH), E. Fort (ESPCI-PSL*, Inst. Langevin), C. Benoit (U-Paris, Diderot), A. Daerr (U-Paris, MSC), V. Fleury (U-Paris, MSC), L. Limat (U-Paris, MSC), S. Metens (U-Paris, MSC), M. Rabaud (U-Paris-Saclay, FAST)

YVES COUDER (1941-2019) had a tremendous scientific impact in such fields as turbulence, dendritic growth, the Saffman-Taylor instability, plant morphogenesis and walking droplets, as well as in many disparate areas of non-linear physics, ranging from biological self-organization to urban development. This meeting aims at bringing together scientists working in these ...

13th CHAOS 2020 9/06/2020

Grand Hotel Adriatico, Florence, Italy

9 Juin - 12 Juin 2020

Organisateurs : Prof. Christos H Skiadas

The study of nonlinear and dynamical systems has emerged as a major area of interdisciplinary research and found very interesting applications. This conference is intended to provide a widely selected forum among Scientists and Engineers to exchange ideas, methods, and techniques in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Fractals and ...

Dynamics Days 24/08/2020


24 Août - 28 Août 2020

Organisateurs : Daniele Avitabile, Stephane Barland, Mathieu Desroches, François Gautero, Sergey Nazarenko, Elisabeth Pécou

Mots-clés : Dynamique, physique, mathématiques, biologie, ingénierie...

DynamicsDays est une série majeure de conférences internationales fondée dans les années 80 et constitue un forum européen pour le développement des applications et de la théorie des systèmes dynamiques...



Couverture d'ordre 3 du système de Rössler (plus de détails...)

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International meeting in the honor of YVES COUDER, Paris, France, 2 Juin 2020

13th CHAOS 2020, Grand Hotel Adriatico, Florence, Italy , 9 Juin 2020

Dynamics Days, Nice, 24 Août 2020

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