Simplifying the complexity of pipe flow


University of Warwick

When fluid flows through a pipe, channel, or duct, there are two basic forms of motion: smooth laminar motion and complex turbulent motion. The discontinuous transition between these states is a fundamental problem that has been studied for more than 125 years. I will recall some of the history of hydrodynamic stability theory with a view to explaining why even the simplest case, pipe flow, is both a fascinating and difficult problem. I will then discuss recent developments in theory and experiments that are finally resolving the transition to turbulence in pipe flow.



Effondrement d'une coque cylindrique remplie de grains (plus de détails...)

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International meeting in the honor of YVES COUDER, Paris, France, 2 Juin 2020

13th CHAOS 2020, Grand Hotel Adriatico, Florence, Italy , 9 Juin 2020

Dynamics Days, Nice, 24 Août 2020

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