Depletion of nonlinearity and self-organization in fluid and plasma turbulence

Wouter BOS

Ecole Centrale Lyon

In this talk we will discuss a possibly universal feature of turbulent systems, namely, the fact that turbulence tends to reduce the strength of the nonlinearity in its governing equations. This feature is shown to be observed in a range of different systems in fluid dynamics and plasma physics. It is discussed how this phenomenon is connected to the self-organization of the flow field into coherent structures.



Formation d'une circulation grande échelle (plus de détails...)

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Nonlinear phenomena in dispersive equations, Lille, 22 Mai 2018

Wave Turbulence and Extreme Events, CISM in Udine (Italy), 18 Juin 2018

International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2018), Maui, Hawaii (USA), 5 Août 2018

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