Large deviations and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics


Ecole Polytechnique

In this talk, we will review some results on the steady states of diffusive systems maintained off equilibrium by two heat baths at unequal temperatures. Using the framework of the hydrodynamic limits, we will discuss the large deviations of the heat current through these systems. In particular, we will explain the occurrence of dynamical phase transitions which may occur for some models.



Formation d'une circulation grande échelle (plus de détails...)

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Nonlinear phenomena in dispersive equations, Lille, 22 Mai 2018

Wave Turbulence and Extreme Events, CISM in Udine (Italy), 18 Juin 2018

International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2018), Maui, Hawaii (USA), 5 Août 2018

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