De Newton à Boltzmann, fluctuations et grandes déviations


ENS Paris

I will report on a recent work, joint with Th. Bodineau, L. Saint-Raymond and S. Simonella, in which we develop a rigorous theory of macroscopic fluctuations for a hard sphere gas outside thermal equilibrium, in the Boltzmann-Grad limit: in particular we study deviations from the Boltzmann equation (describing the asymptotic dynamics of the empirical density) and provide, for short kinetic times, both a central limit theorem and large deviation bounds.



Effondrement d'une coque cylindrique remplie de grains (plus de détails...)

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International meeting in the honor of YVES COUDER, Paris, France, 2 Juin 2020

13th CHAOS 2020, Grand Hotel Adriatico, Florence, Italy , 9 Juin 2020

Dynamics Days, Nice, 24 Août 2020

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