Nonlinear waves in flexible elastic metamaterials


CNRS/Université du Mans

Flexible elastic metamaterials can be described as architected artificial structures, designed to be highly compliant and capable of withstanding large elastic deformations. While their static character has been widely studied, their dynamic properties are still in their early stages, especially with regard to their non-linear dynamics. Thanks to the design of metamaterials for which we have been able to develop equivalent lump models, the non-linear dynamic properties could be predicted in a rational way, allowing in turn to control and play with non-linear waves (vector elastic solitons, topological solitons or transition waves). I synthesize in this talk a set of our recent results on the propagation of solitary waves in these flexible elastic metamaterials and I will draw up possible perspectives from these initiated directions.



Le chaos spatial a une vitesse unique (plus de détails...)

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Dynamics Days, Nice, 24 Août 2020

Dynamics Days, Nice, 24 Août 2020

Dynamics Days, Nice, 24 Août 2020

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