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Vortex dynamics, turbulence and related phenomena in quantum fluids 17/06/2019

Natal, Brazil

17 Juin - 5 Juillet 2019


Organisateurs : Vanderlei Bagnato (USP - Sao Carlos), Giorgio Krstulovic ( Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur), Davide Proment (University of East Anglia)

Quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium pose several problems which are long-standing in physics. Thanks to the possibilities to investigate such systems with cold trapped atoms, a tremendous advance in those questions are being addressed. A large variety of situations can now be investigated in the laboratory. Among the many non equilibrium states, Quantum Turbulence receives special attention. Among the current challenges of modern physics, certainly the effect of turbulence occupies a special place, and it is commonly believed that understanding quantum turbulence in superfluids like atomic Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) may be crucial for understanding the phenomenon as a whole. By performing systematic experimental studies of turbulence in an atomic quantum fluid, of how this regime decays back to the conventional superfluid state and how this is related to classical turbulence, we expect to significantly contribute to the progress of this field. The application of a novel technique to nucleate vortices in a BEC permits us to generate turbulence in the quantum fluid. This proposal aims to progress in understanding dynamical equilibration and thermalization of closed quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium due to periodic driving. It also addresses topics such as many-body localization and universality near phase transitions. In this meeting we shall address the issues related to dynamical of vortices in superlfuids and its consequences to quantum turbulence. It is a unique opportunity and timely for such topic and shall result in a great deal of progress for the field.



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Vortex dynamics, turbulence and related phenomena in quantum fluids, Natal, Brazil, 17 Juin 2019

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