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7th International Conference “Frontiers of Nonlinear Physics” 28/06/2019

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

28 Juin - 4 Juillet 2019


Organisateurs :

Like the previous FNP conferences held since 2001 every three years, FNP 2019 will be focused on the hot topics of nonlinear processes and their most advanced applications to systems of different origins. The scope of the Conference covers a wide range of research activities of both fundamental and applied significance. The Conference is highly interdisciplinary in nature and opens wide opportunities for the interaction between researchers working in such areas as nonlinear wave phenomena, extreme light physics and laser-matter interaction, terahertz photonics, turbulence flows and solitons in fluid dynamics and plasma physics, geophysical extreme and climate phenomena, nonlinear astrophysics, quantum phenomena at extremely low temperature and quantum control of the molecular and electronic dynamics, and new trends in material science.



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