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Spring School on Wave Turbulence 24/05/2020

Les Houches

24 Mai - 29 Mai 2020


Organisateurs : Nicolas Mordant, Laure Saint-Raymond, Pierre-Philippe Cortet

Wave Turbulence aims at describing the statistical state of assemblies of large numbers of non-linear waves, in systems such as elastic waves in plates, optical waves, surface water waves, bulk waves in conductive, rotating, and/or stratified fluids. In the weakly nonlinear limit, Wave (or Weak) Turbulence Theory uses classical tools of out of equilibrium statistical physics to predict energy transfers in these systems. A major concern is to understand the underlying assumptions of this theory and what are the main processes that restrict its validity. This spring school aims a gathering Mathematicians and Physicists for an interdisciplinary meeting. The courses will cover a vast panorama of issues from mathematics, physical theory, experiments and field measurements in Wave Turbulence. Both researchers and students are welcome.



Effondrement d'une coque cylindrique remplie de grains (plus de détails...)

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